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Werenbach is proud to present its new collection – and the novel that goes with it.

Through the combination of watches and literary pursuit, Patrick Hohmann, founder of WERENBACH, joins two worlds to create something entirely new: the fusing of timepieces with a true tale of adventure. The book is inspiring, captivating and authentic – just like the watches themselves. They are made from space rockets, produced under uniquely challenging conditions and assembled in Zurich.
On 17th October from 5pm, the journey will come full circle at “Salon” at Weststrasse 20 in Zürich.

The novel “Werenbachs Uhr” (“Werenbach’s Watch”)

Werenbachs Uhr is not a non-fiction book, nor is it an autobiography. Rather, Patrick Hohmann’s literary reworking of the origins of his young watch company as a work of fiction; a thrilling adventure novel. The book tells not only of how the first watch came to exist, but also of the happiness of a man who, against all the odds in the world, made his dream a reality. It’s a whimsical tale of friendship and loyalty, a quietly told story of love – or, in the words of its publisher Ricco Bilger: “It’s exactly as a book should be. Books should whisk us away from the banality of everyday life: on gravel trails, across deserts and over the edge of the horizon. Werenbachs Uhr is a story that restores our belief in dreams being realised – an enthralling pageturner.”

Werenbachs Uhr
"Werenbachs Uhr", Patrick Hohmann, Verlag: Bilger

New Collection


WERENBACH has been producing watches from genuine space rockets since 2013. The engines of the rockets are melted down and transformed into watch cases.

In terms of their aesthetic, the models in this reworked collection are more visibly inspired by the theme of space travel, which in turn makes them all the more varied and unique. In terms of their construction, three new core elements have been incorporated: one, the labelling SOYUZ MAT. on the side, providing a clear indication as to the material’s origin; two, a new crown inspired by the pressure valve of a Russian spacesuit; and three, the inclusion of an astronaut in the engraving on the back of the watch.

The highlight of the collection is the Booster Shell Edition. The face of this model is cut directly from the outer shell of a Soyuz rocket, which means that each watch has differing scratches and traces of use and is therefore different from any other.

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