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Third crowdfunding

The rocket that flew to the ISS is now a coveted jewelry item | Third crowdfunding campaign is expected to start on September 17 | Fans voted for new collection | Soyuz 01 and Soyuz 01 Superlative models exclusively available with mechanical movements. Crowdfunding "Soyuz 01" Collection Zurich, September 8, 2020. Zurich-based watch atelier Werenbach, which…

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What we learn from astronauts

Yuri Gagarin was the first human in history to leave our planet. Since that first off-world journey, more than 500 astronauts have followed to date. Writing both space and mankind’s history, many of these astronauts are seen as heroes and role-models for us here on Earth. They have achieved something so few humans have, experiencing…

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Space on your wrist

Zurich, Switzerland. Young watch company Werenbach is launching a new collection named “MACH 33” - and is breaking new ground in digital innovation. Thanks to a microchip inside the new watches, it is now possible to log into the live stream of the International Space Station (ISS) via smartphone and see in real time breathtaking…

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Rocket watches, built to order

Zurich – Following its record-breaking crowdfunding success, Swiss watch company Werenbach extended its exclusive range of rocket watches in mid-November. The faces of the new models are even more striking than those of previous series: as well as being made entirely of original rocket material, they are hand-selected for their distinctive scorch marks or because…

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The Burning Rocket

On our first two visits to Kazakhstan in 2012, we never even made it near the exclusion zone: a metal trader met us near the boundary and handed the material over. When procuring the material for the “Earth Collection”, we wanted at all costs to be there when the booster fell from space. A journey into…

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