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Soyuz 02 – The new rocket watch.

Limited Anniversary Edition 60 pcs.

WERENBACH – The real rocket watch.

Werenbach timepieces are made from remnants of real-life Soyuz rockets following their journey into space. Our watches are not an accessory, but a statement: one that’s light years from the mainstream. Anyone who wears such a timepiece on the wrist shares the Spaceborn mindset. The luxury watches meet the highest quality standards, but set new standards in terms of price thanks to direct sales and exclusive member offers. See for yourself.

Our Collections.

Our favorites.

The story behind Werenbach.

What began in 2010 as a far-fetched idea culminated in the realisation of a daring vision: a watch that is quite literally not of this world.

Pre sale.

Werenbach continues its crowdfunding tradition: luxury watches on pre sale at special conditions.

The secret to Werenbach’s prices.

We don’t want anyone to be excluded from the Werenbach community on the basis of cost. There are three reasons why Werenbach’s prices are significantly more affordable than those of other luxury watch brands.

More good reasons.

Our watches are not an accessory, but a statement: one that’s light years from the mainstream. Apart from that, they come up with other valid arguments.

Swiss Made.

Dreamed up, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Designed to be shared with the world.


5-Year Warranty.

Werenbach offers a warranty of up to five years from the date of shipping.


Free shipping.

We cover the shipping costs for purchases of CHF 150 or above. Happy shopping!


Seal of approval.

Genuine rocket material. We like to mention it – and we’re proud to be able to certify our claims.



Exclusive member offers for registered members. Register to enjoy a range of benefits.


Direct from the workshop.

Superior watchmaking expertise, low distribution costs. We pass on our cost savings to customers in full.