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The secret behind Werenbach's prices.

The recipe is easy to explain.

The low prices are the result of three factors:

  1. Werenbach sells watches directly to customers – this eliminates the retail margin.
  2. Werenbach also grants exclusive pre-sale discounts to community members.
  3. Werenbach is a brand that creates exclusivity through an exceptional story and a shared Spaceborn-mindset. Other brands do this with high prices and artificial scarcity.

Directly from the workshop.

Werenbach stands for the leanest of operating structures. In addition to direct sales, Werenbach coordinates and monitors the production of all components. This eliminates all intermediary margins and optimally monitors quality. We pass on the cost advantages to the customers 1:1.

Advance sales create a win-win situation.

For a small manufactory like Werenbach, the solution with direct pre-sales is a win-win situation. Because the pre-financing by the community allows us to plan production optimally and at the same time to finance the establishment of the company in the long term. In return, we compensate customers for the long waiting time with generous discounts.

United in mindset: disruptive brand approach.

While many brands in the luxury watch industry define themselves by high prices and thus position themselves as exclusive brands, Werenbach has a different strategy. “We purposely do not exclude anyone from our community through high prices. Our watches – or rather the wearers of our watches – distinguish themselves from others through a common mindset,” says Hohmann. Werenbach’s exclusivity comes from sharing an astronaut-inspired ideology called the Overview Effect by Frank White. Werenbach calls this ideology the Spaceborn. It lives in our watches. And in the spirit of its wearers.

Spaceborn. Our mindset.

«To see the earth from space, can change the way you think.»

Frank White on the “overview-effect”

Every astronaut who has looked at the Earth from space has seen its beauty. At the same time, he has realised how small and fragile the blue planet is compared to the universe, how thin the layer (atmosphere) that separates life on Earth from death. Astronauts share a sense of awe and humility, as well as a deep sense of responsibility towards people and the environment.