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Instruction manual

Mechanical watches require special handling.

Your watch contains a precise mechanical movement comprising approximately 200 tiny components. The «open base» gives a view of the oscillating balance, the beating heart of your rocket watch. The balance breathes life into the mechanical components. To ensure that your watch runs perfectly on time and for as long as possible, there are a few important things to note.

Avoid shocks and magnets. Do not drop your watch or expose it to magnetic fields – even though it is a rocket watch.

Avoid excessive water pressure. Ensure that the crown is set to position 0. In this position, the watch is water-proof and it is safe to dive to 100 m (10 ATM). Remove the watch for activities involving significant water impact, since this can cause water to get into the movement. Where possible, rinse seawater with freshwater.

Take good care of leather and textile watch straps, since water and sweat can reduce their lifespan. Straps should be replaced regularly. If you want a strap that will last as long as your watch, we recommend steel.

Mechanical watches must be set correctly.


Step 1 – Wind the watch.
Thanks to an automatic (self-winding) mechanism, your rocket watch will begin to run with the movement; however, this will not be sufficient for it to run accurately. As such, be sure to wind the watch for 15 to 20 seconds when you first receive it or when it has not been worn for some time. Werenbach watches have a power reserve of at least 36 hours.

To wind the watch, set the crown to position 0 and twist it to and fro.

Step 2 – Set the date.
A) The date and time mechanisms are interlocked. As such, when setting the date, it is important that the hour and minute hands are pointing downwards (e.g. to five thirty). If not, the gears may jam.

Pull the crown to position 2, ensure that the hands are pointing down, move the crown to the middle position (position 1) and set the date.

B) The date changes after every 2 x 12 hours.

To ensure that the date changes at midnight: (1) Set the date (crown in position 1) to the previous day. (2) Set the crown to position 2 and turn the time forward until the correct date is displayed. (3) If you are setting the time in the morning, you can now turn the hands directly to the correct time. If you are setting it in the afternoon, turn the time forward another 12 hours before moving the hands to the correct time.

Step 3 – Set the time.
This is done with the crown in position 2. However, be sure to carry out steps 1 and 2 beforehand.

Step 4 – Care for your watch.
When metal comes together, friction occurs. Any marks caused by this must be cleaned regularly or worn parts replaced. Oil can keep wear to a minimum, but must be replaced over time. Seals (which protect against water ingress, among other things) must also be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

We recommend getting your rocket watch serviced every four years. If you have it serviced before the start of the fourth year (as measured from the date of purchase), we will extend the warranty to five years total.