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Shipping & returns

For orders of 150 CHF or more, Werenbach offers free shipping to any destination worldwide. For orders of less than CHF 150, we pass on a portion of the shipping and packaging fees to the customer.

Our packages are delivered by Swiss Post or UPS.
Tracking can only be carried out once the rocket watch has been shipped and is only possible for international customers. As soon as your order has been handed over to UPS, an email with a tracking number will be automatically generated.
You’ll be notified in two ways. Once the watch is ready, you’ll automatically receive an email from Werenbach. International customers will also receive an email with a tracking number from UPS when the watch is handed over to the courier. This email contains instructions for changing the delivery address and time.
Unfortunately, random checks at customs can result in long waiting times. We have no control over such delays. Normally, our watches are delivered within a few days. If, however, they are subject to random checks, the delay can be up to four (!) weeks long. As long as warehouse scans are being performed, this means that your watch is not ‘lost’. In general, it is very rare for shipments to go missing: it’s only happened to us twice! And never fear – we certainly wouldn’t leave you without a replacement.

Our watches come with a warranty for manufacturing defects on the watch (movement, case, watch glass). Repairs and replacements for all other damage are charged to the customer, even during the warranty period. The easiest way to arrange the repair of your watch is to contact us using the contact form on the website or at

The warranty periods are as follows: Soprod, Sellita & Ronda: 5 years’ warranty (provided a service has been carried out by the end of the third year; this does not apply to Ronda). STP: 2 years’ warranty.

You have the right to return the watch within two weeks of delivery. If there are no signs of use (e.g. strap not visibly bent, no scratches on the casing), we wil accept the watch and your money will be refunded. If there are signs of use, the return will not be accepted and the watch will be sent back to you. Watches that are custom-assembled at the customer’s request are excluded from this rule.

Community & shop

When paying by credit card, you will be required to enter your personal 3D Secure Code. This serves as an additional protection against credit card fraud. If you wait too long to enter the code, the payment will be cancelled. It is also possible that the amount to be paid is higher than your daily limit, or that you have already used up your monthly limit. If this is the case, your transaction will be automatically cancelled. If you find that you are not able to pay via Paypal, the transaction may have been cancelled due to insufficient funds in your account. In this case, we recommend that you pay via advance payment. Don’t worry: your money is in good hands. If necessary (e.g. in the event of cancellation), your money will be directly refunded.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We offer these exclusive member deals in order to be able to finance our production. Those who invest earliest get the best discounts. Orders that are placed by bank transfer but are not paid on time will be voided after two weeks.

You can register by going to XXXXXX and entering your personal user data.
This is because we have made a number of major technical changes. It is possible that your existing registration data was not able to be successfully migrated. Please create a new account. Thank you for your understanding!

You can change your username and password in your user profile.

Our exclusive member offers are only visible to logged-in customers. As well as logging in, we recommend subscribing to the newsletter, which provides regular interesting updates on our work. Subscribing also allows us to send you updates on the production progress of your rocket watch. By logging in and subscribing, you’ll stay up to date and can track the creation of your watch in (almost!) real time.

This is probably because you signed up using the newsletter tool. In order to see our exclusive member offers, registration in the shop is required (for technical reasons). If you have already registered in the shop, you may have done so in one of our previous shop versions. Due to a system change, it is possible that your data has not been fully migrated. If this is the case, you will need to register again. Thank you for your understanding!

We have a completely new shop system. Due to technical hurdles, it was unfortunately not possible for credits to be migrated to the new system. As such, the credits can no longer be used. Please accept our apologies and refer to our T&Cs to read more about this eventuality.

Customer service

Werenbach watches are precision mechanical wristwatches. Like all watches of this type, they require regular maintenance. We recommend you have your watch professionally serviced by us or by the Watchclinic every three years. This will significantly enhance the longevity of your watch, particularly in regard to accuracy and water resistance.

Werenbach provides a 3-year warranty on Soprod, Sellita and Ronda movements as well as on the watch casing and glass. If you have a service carried out by the end of the third year, you are entitled to extent the warranty to a total of 5 years. If a service is not carried out within this period, the opportunity to extend the warranty to 5 years expires. Movements from STP come with a 2-year warranty. Caution: Sapphire glass is scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible. However, extreme impact can damage the glass. Damage resulting from such impact is excluded from the guarantee.
Yes, if it is returned within two weeks of delivery and is free from signs of use. ATTENTION: We do not accept watches with bent straps. As such, please do not fasten the watch to check if you like it. Just place it over your arm!
Switzerland and all countries outside the EU: You can bring the watch to our atelier in Zurich or have it sent by courier. If you are outside the EU, please contact our customer service team, who will take care of all the customs formalities required for international shipping. Residents of the European Union can send their watch to the Watchclinic (LINK). As a general rule, a copy of the purchase receipt/confirmation of purchase and a short description of the concern or problem should be enclosed with every shipment. Please enclose the watch in suitable packaging and ensure that there are no unsecured parts that could scratch against each other. Furthermore, be aware that parcels are often handled rather roughly by courier services. Make sure that the watch is well protected, that the package is properly secured and that nothing can fall out. We do not accept any liability for damaged packages.
We store all data in our shop and are always able to check the details of your purchase. If you give us your name, we can resend your confirmation at any time.
Routine servicing of a Werenbach watch includes the following: 1) Opening of the watch casing and inspection of all parts; 2) Cleaning plus oiling and adjusting as required. If so required, a major service can include the replacement of all seals as well as the replacement or repair of damaged glass, buttons and movements.
Costs vary depending on the movement, the condition of your watch and the scope of servicing required. Prior to the service, your watch will be inspected by our watchmaker or your service partner and a cost estimate provided.
Servicing generally takes 3-4 weeks.

Our quartz rocket watches have a ‘Swiss made’ movement and are assembled in Switzerland. Unfortunately, this is not enough to quality them for the strictly regulated ‘Swiss made’ origin label. The reason for this is that a significant proportion of our costs, especially those for material salvage and preparation, are incurred abroad. But don’t be fooled by the lack of official marker: our quartz watches are subject to the highest Swiss quality standards. We pride ourselves on being first-class.

We sell our watches primarily online. However, you are welcome to make an appointment to see the watches in our studio.


Member offers are products offered at special discounts as part of our exclusive sales. Such products are either in the pipeline or are currently under production. The benefits are mutual: while (registered) members enjoy discounted prices, we benefit from the early receipt of payment (co-financing of production) and increased planning certainty.

Our expected delivery dates are based on the time typically required for the manufacture of a watch. We have more than 10 years of experience in watchmaking and are able to estimate this relatively accurately. That said, uncontrollable delays can always occur. A rocket watch cannot be assembled until every part is available in the workshop. We account for this risk by factoring potential delays into our estimates. However, if faulty components are delivered to the workshop (despite prototypes and quality checks), these must be improved or redelivered. In this case, delays of up to two months can occur. Whatever the time frame, you end up with a unique product of world-class quality.

Yes – you can purchase in complete confidence. Following three large-scale and successful crowdfunding campaigns/exclusive sales, we can proudly say that we have always kept our promises.
The pre-sale is a win-win. Werenbach is an owner-managed company that finances production with the help of its fan community via pre-sales campaigns. While community members enjoy discounted prices, Werenbach benefits from pre-financing and the ability to precisely plan growing production volumes.
Watches ordered in the pre-sale (as member offers) are shipped within approximately six months of purchase. This delivery period is in line with the industry standard. Supporters receive a production update once a month.
Some of the rocket materials are only available in limited quantities, particularly the fairing and engine cladding. As such, watches featuring these materials are also limited in number.
Our watches are shipped via UPS within a few days of the completion of production. Once a watch is ready for dispatch, the recipient receives a tracking number. The watch typically reaches the recipient within a few days. That said, longer delays can occasionally occur customs due to random checks. Neither we nor UPS can do anything to prevent this. To check the status of your watch, you can enter your UPS tracking number at any time. As long as you see the message ‘Warehouse scan’, this means that your package is safe and sound and waiting for release.

Member offers are divided into three phases. Phase 1 is particularly significant for our planning, since at the end of this phase, we determine the quantities for production. This is heavily dependent on the number of orders. To maximise the incentive to participate in this initial phase, we offer the most attractive discounts. From phase 2 onwards, production has begun and quantities are fixed. Naturally, we want to avoid our watches selling out before regular sales commence.

Unfortunately, yes – unless you find another model that is still available at the discounted rate. Our member offers provide mutual benefits: while the community co-finances the production and benefits from special prices in return, we have access to financing and are better able to plan. Either way, financing is complete as of the start of production. However, we do release a limited number of items with reduced discounts for sale during the production cycle.

If you have missed out on a round of offers but still want to benefit from unbeatable prices, simply wait for our next pre-sale campaign. However, we cannot promise when this will be or whether your desired rocket watch will be available. For this reason, we recommend you keep an eye on our newsletter. This means you’ll be the first to know about special offers and can benefit the most in terms of price.

This might be because you are not (yet) a registered community member. Alternatively, it might be because you are already a member but are not currently logged in to the shop. It is also possible that you are a member and have not yet registered in the new shop.

Our currently available rocket watches were pre-financed via the most recent crowdfunding project. A new pre-sale campaign is due to begin in a few months’ time. Some of our watches contain rocket material (orange and white) that is only available in limited quantities. These watches cannot be offered as part of the pre-sale, since we can only determine the exact quantity of usable material once production has begun. This means that we do not risk promising watches that cannot be delivered.

The brand Werenbach

These are the coordinates of the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan: the launch point for Soyuz rocket missions.

A Soyuz rocket reaches orbit after exactly 8 minutes and 49 seconds. This is the magical moment at which the astronauts begin to steer the spacecraft towards the space station.

Spaceborn has two meanings. First, the material in your watch is spaceborn, because it literally came down from space. Second, spaceborn is the state of mind that we believe unites the Werenbach community. It’s the mindset of an astronaut: one who has looked down from space and admired our Blue Planet from above. In doing so, the astronaut experiences the Earth’s beauty afresh and perceives how small it is compared to the universe. This new perspective changes their thinking. They are acutely aware of our status as a tiny part of a ginormous whole.

There is no such thing as a fixed ‘boundary to space’. Rather, the line between space and the Earth’s atmosphere is fluid. The Fédération Aéronautique International (FAI) adopts the so-called Kármán line, which sets the boundary at 100 km (62 miles). For the US Air Force (USAF), space begins at 80 km (50 miles). According to this definition, parts of the Soyuz fairing have officially crossed the boundary. Models containing this material can be identified by their white dials and by the lettering ‘FAIRING MATERIAL’.

It was while out jogging that founder Patrick was struck by the spontaneous idea to create watches from space rockets. His route was along the ‘Werenbach’, a stream in Zurich.
Rockets make the journey to space in three stages. When rockets are launched from Baikonur, the first stage (the booster and fairing) are jettisoned above the Kazakh steppe. They fall into a restricted military zone, where they are recovered by us in person. We travel to Kazakhstan several times a year to coordinate the recovery of the material.
It is collected, taken away and recyced by our partners.

That depends on the type of material. The grey-green and silver material (from the boosters) is available in larger quantities; the other types of material (orange: cladding; white: fairing) are rather limited. It is not possible to give exact numbers.

No. The parts are selected and sorted according to their condition – always with the greatest of care. We can only work with material that is truly ‘flat’. In addition, the surface of the material must meet our aesthetic criteria.
No. The rocket is powered by kerosine and does not become contaminated by radiation during its flight to space.
The watches will always look a little different in photographs than in real life. In addition, colours are displayed differently depending on the screen. Note also that watches with dials without a lacquer or coating will always differ slightly from the watch shown, since each watch is completely unique.

Werenbach issues a certificate to attest to the authenticity of the material. For the Soyuz 02 and Leonov collections, we include the leftover rocket fragment from which the watch was produced. The surface of the rocket material is unmodified and retains its original colour. For Soyuz 01 watches, we include a separate piece of rocket material, since nothing is left over from the melting process. However, the shape of the dial – which can only be produced via our custom ‘micro-casting’ process – is proof of authenticity. Our process is unique in the watchmaking industry and is specially intended for the handling of unusual materials.
Finally, each watch bears our logo as a promise of authenticity.