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Celestial timepieces…

Our watches are the only ones of their kind on the planet! Every Werenbach watch contains genuine rocket material, guaranteed with a signed certificate of authenticity.

The Material.

Our dials are made from either the rocket booster (the so-to-speak ‘engine’) or the rocket fairing (the nose cone).

The material comes from manned Russian space rockets of the Soyuz family which carry the Cosmonauts to the ISS. They are launched in Baikonur Cosmodrome and complete their journey into outer space in three stages. The burnt-out rocket stage I is jettisoned in flight, falling back into the Kazakh steppe.

Werenbach travels into the steppe to recover the material in person. In this way, we are able to guarantee its authenticity and verify which rocket the material comes from.

The flight into space.

There is no fixed ‘boundary to space’. Rather, the line between space and the Earth’s atmosphere is fluid. The Fédération Aéronautique International (FAI) adopts what is known as the Kármán line, which sets the boundary at 100 km (62 miles). We recover the first stage (Phase I: launcher (booster), windshield fairing of the rockets nose cone (Phase II: fairing)).

Colours and rocket parts.

The appearance of the surface (colour, burn marks and wear marks) indicates which part of the rocket the material comes from.
Action's image
Uncoated material from the fairing (nose cone) – very rare!
Action's image
Uncoated material from the inside of the rocket booster.
Action's image
Olive Grey
Uncoated material from the outside of the rocket booster – the ‘main colour of the rocket.
Action's image
Coated material from the inside of the rocket booster (aluminium).
Action's image
Coated material from the outside of the rocket booster (olive grey).
Action's image
Uncoated material from the cowling on the rocket booster – very rare!


For those wondering how these 50-metre giants make it to Switzerland (and into our high-end rocket watches), we recommend Elements of Werenbach, Part I and Part II.