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Incredible but true.

The concept at the heart of Werenbach is one that was initially considered impossible. It was only thanks to a thirst for freedom, an adventurous spirit, an entrepreneurial drive, an iron will and a love of high-end watches that a spontaneous idea was transformed into a watchmaking workshop with a worldwide fan base.

Born in Zurich.

In 2010, Patrick Hohmann had the bold idea of building watches from real-life space rockets. In 2012, he set off for Kazakhstan to search for genuine rocket material on the Kazakh steppe.

One year later, Werenbach was founded. The first rocket watch came into being nine months later, developed and built in an 8 m2 watchmaking atelier in the heart of Zurich.

From Zurich to the world.

Initially, Werenbach worked on micro-production lots of one to 25 rocket watches. It wasn’t long before the company began to garner international attention. The subsequent ‘Earth Collection’ was financed by more than 2,000 Werenbach fans via crowdfunding.

This worldwide crowdfunding spurred on the fledgling business and established a fan base far beyond the Swiss borders. Today, Werenbach has 35,000 followers (and counting), and its collections have grown from 25 pieces to more than 1,000.

Jura – the heartland of Swiss watchmaking.

Until recently, Werenbach manufactured all of its rocket watches in its own atelier. Now, due to rising production volumes, we outsource parts of the production to an established Swiss ‘assembling partner’ in the canton of Jura on an as-needed basis. We use the atelier primarily for developing and manufacturing new collections and special editions.

The book on the genesis.

The book about the genesis is a product of coincidence that even made it into the German book trade. The story of its creation was written down by the founder itself because the adventurous story simply had to be told.

In it, readers are swept away on an entertaining journey through the company’s eventful founding years. “It’s exactly how a good novel should be: it whisks us away from the banality of the everyday. It takes us down gravel roads, through deserts and to the edge of the horizon. Werenbachs Uhr is a story that restores the reader’s faith in the potential of dreams – a captivating page-turner.” – Ricco Bilger, publisher Werenbachs Uhr was published in 2015 by Swiss publishing house Bilgerverlag. The second edition was released in 2018. It is written by Werenbach founder and CEO Patrick Hohmann.

Werenbach on TV.

Several TV stations have already reported on Werenbach in the past.
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