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The first watch made from space rockets

Werenbach is launching part one of its new watch collection. What sets these watches apart is the material that goes into them: the case is made from the melted-down outer shell of a genuine Soyuz space rocket following its mission. Numerous adventure-filled trips to the Kazakh Steppe were required to procure the material for watch production, while the watches are powered by the most trusted and accurate Swiss calibers on the market. The first automatic watches will be available from 30th November.

An adventure-filled journey into Kazakhstan’s “no man’s land”

“Genuine rocket material cannot simply be ordered online,” says Patrick Hohmann, director of the young start-up Werenbach. As such, he set out with friends on an adventure-filled trip to the Kazakh Steppe to search for parts from the Russian Soyuz rocket series.. After journeying to one of Kazakhstan’s most remote areas, they encountered a Kazakh metal collector who, after much back and forth, agreed to sell them the material they wanted – first one suitcase worth, then an entire lorry.

Casing made from genuine rocket material

The outer shell and power turbine of the legendary Soyuz rockets were chosen as the starting material and converted to watch-suitable alloys as part of a specially developed material treatment process. Since this was the first time that watch casings had been produced from rocket material, the alloys were named in honour of their origins: SBS aluminium (Soyuz booster shell) and SRE stainless steel (Soyuz rocket engine). A university, a metallurgy specialist and six other partners were involved in the treatment process.


The watches from the first collection (the Aluminium Collection) were available from the Zeithalle boutique in Zurich’s fashionable Kreis 5 district or directly from the WERENBACH workshop – albeit only with prior reservation. Customers wishing to purchase from the comfort of their homes could also order the watches online.

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