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A test of endurance on a world record attempt

On 3rd August, motorcyclist Urs Pederita set out on his attempt to break a world record. On his wrist? A Werenbach watch. The challenge? To make it round the world on his motorbike in less than 20 days – a total distance of almost 25,000 kilometres. His daily travel plan included stretches of more than 1,800 km and expected driving times of up to 21 hours. As if this wasn’t enough, he was contending with extreme road conditions such as heavy rainfall.

The ideal test of endurance for a Werenbach watch: thanks to the combination of sustained vibrations, intensive rain and high driving speeds (water pressure), the watch was truly put through its paces.


On 19th August, the challenge was complete. Urs Pedraita set a new world record by travelling around the earth in 16 days, 12 hours and 19 minutes – and the Werenbach on his arm coped masterfully with the extreme conditions.

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