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B.T.O. – Your unique piece built to order.

Each dial is available ONLY ONCE on earth!

Swiss Made
Direct from the workshop
Seal of approval

WERENBACH – The real rocket watch.

Werenbach timepieces are made from remnants of real-life Soyuz rockets following their journey into space. Our watches are not an accessory, but a statement: one that’s light years from the mainstream. Anyone who wears such a timepiece on the wrist shares the Spaceborn mindset. The luxury watches meet the highest quality standards, but set new standards in terms of price thanks to direct sales and exclusive member offers. See for yourself.

Our favourites for you.

What our customers say.

Our current collections.

Soyuz 02 B.T.O. Editions

Every watch is a one-off!
These watches are for those who want to customise their watch. Burn or scratch marks from the space mission are clearly visible on these models. Each dial is unique, but the case, side plate, hands and of course the bracelet can also be configured.

By the way: If you want the maximum rocket, choose the casing that is made from the melted-down rocket engine. It contains the 4.5 megatonnes of thrust of the rocket booster.


Attention for these dials: First come first serve. Once you have discovered a dial, order it now rather than later. We have already experienced many dramas.

Soyuz 02 Collection.

Currently limited to 60 pieces Anniversary Special Edition.

These watches are for individualists who are looking for something special and are not satisfied with the first best.

The dials are cut directly from the rocket, some of the models are equipped with high-end manufacture movements from Soprod.

Soyuz 01 Collection.

The first cast aluminium dial in the world. Made from original rocket aluminium. A distinctive look thanks to the 3D profile turns these watches into a special statement. The watches are powered by the most proven Swiss movement of all time.

What the media says.

„Das Weltall am Handgelenk“
„To the moon!“
„Zifferblätter aus echten Raketen“
„Vom Himmel gefallen“
„Rakete am Handgelenk“

More good reasons.

Our watches are not an accessory, but a statement: one that’s light years from the mainstream. Apart from that, they come up with other valid arguments.

Swiss Made.

Dreamed up, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Designed to be shared with the world.


5-Year Warranty.

Werenbach offers a warranty of up to five years from the date of shipping.


Free shipping.

We cover the shipping costs for purchases of CHF 150 or above. Happy shopping!


Seal of approval.

Genuine rocket material. We like to mention it – and we’re proud to be able to certify our claims.



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Direct from the workshop.

Superior watchmaking expertise, low distribution costs. We pass on our cost savings to customers in full.