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How everything came about

It was on a warm April weekend. I had to release the stress from a hard working week and went jogging in the woods. Running helps me the best to unwind. When I think back to this moment today, my memories are only vague. But I remember the moment very well when I had this amazing idea.

The road went downhill, I ran faster than usual. My thoughts revolved around the Omega Speedmaster. (For those unfamiliar with the Omega Speedmaster, this watch became legendary because it was worn by Neil Armstrong during the moon landing, and is probably the best-selling Omega watch model today.) So I figured it was time to get myself such a model. And then – whopping – there it was. The idea “that you could build a watch from a space rocket”.

At the time I did not know anything more about watches than any other normal watch wearer. Nevertheless, I was immediately convinced that a watch made of a real rocket would immediately outshine an Omega because every watch would contain the DNA of the rocket and the universe. However, what I liked even more about the idea, were the emotions and longings associated with it: space is unattainable and alien to most of us. It triggers wanderlust and fascination. Space travel creates the bridge into space. It overcomes the laws of our world and allows us to fly into space. Although I do not belong to the generation that has seen on TV, how the first man flew into space or how the first human landed on the moon, exactly these pictures were flashing through my head at that moment.

Many would probably reject such an idea as a crazy idea, but not me. If there is the possibility for me to break down boundaries and trigger emotions, then nothing prevents me from realizing such a project.

A watch made from a rocket … I could not get this idea out of my head anymore.

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