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Sport W42

291,50  (ex. tax)

Discount: This model is part of our original generation of watches and is no longer produced.

Material from the Soyuz MS-09 rocket in which Alexander Gerst travelled to space on 6 June, 2018.

The small plate in the dial originate from the external part of the booster (engine cladding). The surface is left unmodified, which means that every plate is different thanks to unique miniature structures.

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Direct from the workshop.
Up To 5-Year Warranty.
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Original rocket aluminium.​

The dial of this model is milled directly from the rocket and bears the original colour and surface quality (wear and tear, traces of colour). Thanks to these organic traces of wear and tear, each dial is totally unique on closer inspection.

During its mission, the rocket material left Earth and made contact with space at an altitude of 45 km.

Rocket Part

  • Outside of booster (tank)

Dial Colour

  • Olive-grey, unmodified surface

Dial Material

  • Unmodified rocket material

Flying Altitude

  • Over 45 km; mesosphere

Patina and rocket dust.

The dial of this rocket watch comes from the booster. The rocket debris are personally salavaged by Werenbach in the steppe, allowing us to identify (and certify) which rocket mission the material comes from.

Soyuz MS-09. The rocket in space.

The Soyuz MS-09 carried flight engineer Alexander Gerst to space in a successful manned mission launched on 6 June, 2018. Two days later, we recovered the material in the Kazakh steppe.


Soyuz MS-09

  • Rocket Type Soyuz-FG
  • Rocket launch 6 June 2018, 13.01 (UTC)
  • Spaceport Kosmodrom Baikonur 1/5
  • Coordinates 45.38°N 63.19°E


  • Crew 3 Persons
  • Commander Sergei Walerjewitsch Prokopjew (RUS)
  • Flight engineer Alexander Gerst (GER)
  • Flight engineer Serena Auñón-Chancellor (USA)

Rockets fly into space in three stages. The first stage is jettisoned in two parts: one at an altitude of 45 km, the second at an altitude of 85 km. The burnt-out rocket parts fall into the uninhabited steppe of Kazakhstan. Stage 3 reaches orbit at an altitude of about 200 km, just 8.59 seconds after leaving Earth. From this altitude, the spacecraft flies to the International Space Station at an altitude of about 400 km.

There is no ‘fixed boundary’ to outer space. Rather, the transition between space and the Earth’s atmosphere is fluid. The Fédération Aéronautique International (FAI) adopts the so-called Kármán line, which sets the boundary at an altitude of 100 km. For the US Air Force (USAF) outer space begins at 80 km. Viewed according to this definition, parts of the Soyuz fairing have crossed the boundary to outer space. These rarer watch models can be identified by their white dials and the lettering ‘FAIRING MATERIAL’.


Werenbach stands for exclusive rocket watches. Unlike other luxury watchmakers, Werenbach defines exclusivity not in terms of high prices, but by the things that make its watches unique: the recycling of original rocket material, the salvaging of this material by hand and the ‘spaceborn’ philosophy that unites its wearers.

Spaceborn is the mindset of an astronaut: one who has looked down from space and admired our Blue Planet from above. In doing so, the astronaut experiences the Earth’s beauty afresh and perceives how small it is compared to the universe. This new perspective changes their thinking. They are acutely aware of our status as a tiny part of a ginormous whole.

Without big words, but with strong features.

  • Model Sport W42
  • Collection Mach 33
  • Powered By Quarz
  • Movement Miyota GM10
  • Movement version This movement is not available in different versions.
  • Dial Material Unmodified rocket material
  • Case Material Stainless steel
  • Diameter 42 mm
  • Height 9 mm
  • Strap Width 20 mm
  • Weight 95 g
  • Glas Sapphire (scratch-resistant)
  • Water Resistance 5 ATM (50 m)
  • Lume Superluminova
  • Number of Jewels
  • Power Reserve 2 Years
  • Vibrations


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Yes – your watch can withstand water pressure of up to 5 ATM (equivalent to a water column of 50 m). Caution: When jumping into water, the water pressure may be higher than at a depth of 50 m. IMPORTANT: Do not move the crown under water!

Yes. However, if your rocket watch has a textile or leather strap, be aware that this will reduce the life of the strap significantly. If you are planning to wear the watch in water, we recommend a rubber or steel strap.
The watch glass is scratch-resistant, since Werenbach uses genuine sapphire crystal in all of its watches. The casing of the watch is made from steel and, as such, is not scratch-resistant. Caution: The glass on the reverse of the watch is not sapphire glass and is therefore not scratch-resistant.
No. A forceful impact can cause the watch glass to crack or shatter.

The Mach 33 Collection is the only collection, that does not have its origin in Switzerland. It’s made by the best Japanese movement manufacturer Miyota.

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Original / Raw


Textile (black), Textile (anthracite), Textile (olive), Leather (black), Leather (brown), Rubber (black), Stainless Steel (unisize)

Wrist length

M – 17.5-21.5cm