Mission Spaceborn: Nuclear weapons become symbols of peace

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Mission Spaceborn: Nuclear weapons become symbols of peace.An idea from space for a better planet.

We want to persuade Kim Jong-un to disarm his nuclear rockets and from them, create symbols of peace. The profits of this project will be invested into humanitarian aid initiatives that directly benefit the North Korean people.

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From atomic weapons to a united world.

More than an idea, we want to take action. Since we are experts in upcycling real space rockets and using them to create watches, we, better than anyone else on the planet, know how to take these weapons and work with them to create something new: symbols for peace. All proceeds from these products will be donated to humanitarian initiatives that directly work to benefit the North Korean people.

From atomic weapons to a united world

Letter to the North Korean ruler

It is planned that there will be a meeting between North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, President of the United States, in which talks around disarmament are said to happen. With this letter, we urge Kim Jong-un to heed the call of these talks and the historic decisions he can make if he chooses to disarm even one weapon in the name of peace. We hope to show him that the people and signatures on this letter believe in a world united and that he has the power to bring us all one step closer together.

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Honored Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un.

Congratulations on your achievements as leader of the Democratic People's Republic. As a nation you have shown your power for many years, especially through your large military – the fourth biggest in the world – and famous arsenal of weaponry.

Lately, however, you have shared with the world a side of yourself that seems more willing to talk about disarmament of some of your most dangerous weapons – those weapons of mass destruction. Of course, the talks around this are lengthy and challenging, however likely they will be counted amongst your greatest achievements should they go ahead.

According to the press, you should meet soon with the US President. We encourage you on this occasion to make the commitments to disarm some of your weapons as a sign of good faith and further open yourself up to talks with the world. The signatures under this letter are to show to you, and to your people of North Korea, that the world is waiting and that there are many that believe and support your talks towards disarmament.

The intent of the letter comes from a place of neutrality – from a place out of this world. From astronauts. From space. As from there, it is said by them, seeing Earth from on high changes the way they see our planet.

From space, the beauty of our planet is impressive - undeniable. However, they also see the destruction we cause to our world. Environmental destruction. Pollution. War and waste.

From space, it becomes clear that we only have one Earth. It seems so pointless to fight here amongst ourselves on "Spaceship Earth" when really, we should all be taking care of each other and striving towards common goals. A planet of peace. Of prosperity. A planet with a future. And we think you have the power to take one of the largest steps towards this peaceful planet more than anyone else upon it.

For our small part, should you elect to disarm even one of your weapons in the name of solidarity, we offer to use it to create symbols of peace whose profits will completely be used to raise funds for further peaceful initiatives and support of your country and its people. As a Swiss watchmaker who for years has been upcycling space rockets, we are one of the few who can turn what was once a weapon (in this case) into something even more powerful: symbols of peace.

We hope you find this idea, the letter and the signatures upon it the push you need to continue your talks towards a more united world. After all, this is the only one we all have.


Patrick Hohmann
CEO & Founder Werenbach
Initiant Mission Spaceborn

From weapons of mass destruction to something more.

If Kim Jong-un chooses to disarm even one weapon, the world is better off for it. In celebration of this historic act, we will seek to be allowed access to the weapon and use it to craft watches, medallions and icons of peace. All profits from these creations will be donated, meaning each weapon has the power to aid rather than injure, to save rather than kill, to bring us all closer together rather than tear the world apart.

Mission Spaceborn

"To look at the world from space can change the way you think". All astronauts who have seen the planet from outer space say the same thing. They realized that Earth is only a tiny part of something unimaginatively large, but for us upon this planet, this is it. Floating above the world astronauts wonder how we could destroy our home as we do, how we can take without giving back to the environment and how we can fight each other rather that work as one. A German astronaut in space once said that any other intelligent being out there would shake their heads in wonder at what we do to ourselves on our planet – let’s see if we can change that.

Mission Spaceborn aims to bring these insights of the astronauts down to Earth and encourages everyone to see the world in a different, more unified way. Learn more about the idea and where it was born here.

North Korea and its nuclear program

Since the end of the Korean War in 1953, Korea has been two nations divided. The people of North Korea live in precarious conditions, isolated from the rest of the world. Since the division, the country has continued building its military capabilities into the fourth largest military on Earth. In 2017 it constructed nuclear missiles six times stronger than those used in Hiroshima and fear spread globally as a result.

Today, the Korean Peninsula is seen as one of the most dangerous places in the world. Though tension has eased since the 2017 testing, no binding disarmament plan has yet been arranged despite pleas from the world’s leaders. Recently, the United States has sought to engage in talks with North Korea and it seems like the nation is willing to listen.

A summit is scheduled for January 2019 between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump to discuss nuclear disarmament. This is a historic opportunity not only for Kim Jong-un, but also for his people and in fact, the whole world. If North Korea pledges to destroy even one weapon in the name of peace it could be the beginnings to opening up the country to the rest of the world, with further peace sure to follow soon behind.

North Korea and its nuclear program

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Werenbach is a Swiss start-up company that was founded in 2012 from the wild idea of building a watch made from the material of a space rocket. From this idea, three completely unique watch collections (as well as a novel “Werenbachs Uhr, Bilgerverlag, Zürich”) were born. Werenbach has gained international attention thanks to two hugely successful crowdfunding projects funded by fans on Kickstarter, but founder Patrick Hohmann has always had another mission in mind: with his watches, he does not just want to sell timepieces, he wants to share a vision. The same vision as that of the astronauts of the ISS:

«Every astronaut looking at Earth from space sees its beauty and realizes how small it is compared to the universe. They recognize that there are no limits when it comes to space, only those we place on ourselves on Earth” explains Hohmann. “This realization can change the way you think; change the way you see your world and how you act upon it. This is what we have come to call “Spaceborn” – our ideology born in space. It lives in the material of our watches and we hope, in the minds of those that wear them.»

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